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PAPER ROAD is a book made by Nicole Lavelle (me), a research narrative capturing the process of re-orienting oneself to a home-place.

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This book is the final document of a year-long research project conducted while I was a Graduate Fellow at the Headlands Center for the Arts from July 2016 to July 2017.

What is PAPER ROAD about? See a weird concept framework I made for this project.

The research process and story both begin at my family's summer cabin in Lagunitas, California. I have spent a lot of time in this place. I use houses as vessels for situating my own located experience within broader California cultural contexts and land use histories. The book is a non-linear narrative of fragments, recontextualized image and text collected from private and public archives and collections. The content I assembled from research materials is annotated in first-person narrative, explaining the wild connections that emerged between everything.

The book contains 450 pages of annotated narrative, an introductory essay, a conversation with archivist and independent scholar Rick Prelinger, a non-functional (but poetic!) index, and a bibliography.

Print nerds? The book measures 6.5x9 inches. It is printed in California: on a Ricoh duplicator in Bolinas, a laser printer in Sausalito, and a photocopier in Rodeo. Its interior pages are cheap white photocopy paper and its cover is two-tone blue file-folder. It is perfect-bound and reinforced with black cloth tape. ("Fastback binding")

I am so proud of this project and excited to share it with you!


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Kaitlin Pomerantz:
"Nicole's book... is literally a visual/literary/spiritual/mythological masterpiece about the power, politics and necessity of place. Also about feminism, socio-economic and racial inequality as it relates to land use, grief, and so much more. I'm totally floored by this book. I read all 425+ pages immediately after a long flight because it was that captivating."

Jeff Manson:

Mary Welcome:

Andrew Maguire:

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