Nicole Lavelle lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, on the unceded ancestral and contemporary lands of the Coast Miwok and Bay Miwok peoples. Her work engages people, place, language, and landscape.

    She makes art with her community and works as a visual designer for artists, musicians, bookstores, researchers, strategists, and technology corporations. She publishes an arts and culture magazine called OYSTERS and she works for her local paper.

    Nicole founded and co-organized PLACE TALKS at the Prelinger Library. She was a Graduate Fellow and Affiliate Artist at the Headlands Center for the Arts, and an instructor of design and research at Portland State University.

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    1. The cute political bumper sticker store is now a fundraising machine. Please spend all your money on stickers; it will be redistributed.

    2. OYSTERS (community publication) It's critical and celebratory, a collection of fragments from friends and neighbors in the western part of Marin County, California. Issue #2 is available for purchase at the Bolinas Hardware Store, Eleven, and Point Reyes Books. OYSTERS has no website but you can order one online here. All funds raised in excess of printing costs will be donated to West Marin's two local community land trusts, working to create affordable housing in a very unaffordable place.

    3. The Relation Between Things in a Continuum (essay published and sold by Flower Press.) It's about the magic and grief of growing up in blue-collar San Francisco and now working as a graphic designer for technology corporations. The title is from a Diane diPrima poem about the war against the imagination. It's about art, culture, nativism, corporate sponsorship, gentrification, artist residencies inside the belly of the beast, and other things.

    4. An Incomplete History of Community Publishing at the Edge of the Earth (history museum exhibit and community programming) At the Jack Mason Museum of West Marin History in Inverness, California. And a really sweet series of community programming at the public library, the bookstore, the church hall, and in the archive.

    5. PAPER ROAD (book, installation, performance)

    6. Codes and Questions (essay)

    7. PLANT FAMILY (video, installation, autobiographical narrative)

    9. COMMON SOURCE (public project)

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